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Hitachi’s Energy as a Service solution provides clean, electric power on an OpEx basis, bundling the costs of renewable energy, energy storage infrastructure, optimization, operations, maintenance and managed services into a fixed periodic cost.

Energy as a Service: Clean, Affordable Energy

A turnkey solution

What is Energy as a Service?

Energy as a Service is a financing model that lets you pay for energy outcomes and services over time, instead of having the burden of upfront capital expenses associated with installing energy infrastructure or ongoing maintenance costs.

With Energy as a Service, you can predict and manage your energy expenses with better reliability and improved operational efficiency, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Full lifecyle services and support

End-to-end support

With Hitachi’s Energy as a Service financing model, we manage the responsibility for the design, installation, operation, and maintenance of energy systems and equipment, letting you focus on your core business.

With Energy as a Service, you receive complete support, beginning with the initial planning and continuing throughout the duration of the long-term contract.


End-to-end support

EaaS allows you to focus on your core business

Energy as a Service support ranges from initial planning and design to installation, integration and ongoing maintenance and optimization.

This end-to-end, full lifecycle support offers a flexible, resilient and reliable solution to present-day energy and power challenges.

Focus on your core business

Benefits and outcomes

An Energy as a Service model offers financial, operational and environmental benefits.

End-to-end support reduces your financial and operational risks, improves resiliency and helps achieve your sustainability goals.

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For manufacturers

Improve Grid Reliability and Reduce Costs

For industrial manufacturers, Hitachi’s advanced energy management technologies help monitor, analyze, and optimize energy supply, leading to cost savings and improved sustainability outcomes.

For ports

Achieve Net Zero Goals

Cargo and passenger ports face increasing demand for electrification and greenhouse gas reduction. Learn how Energy as a Service can help your port’s tenants access the benefits of clean energy, lower their costs, and reduce their carbon footprint.

For recreational venues

Simplifying the Complex

Recreational facilities often have high and fluctuating energy demands due to lighting, HVAC systems, water features, and various attractions, including seasonal variations. EaaS can provide recreational facilities with cost savings benefits and flexibility without the upfront investment in energy infrastructure.

Increasing electricity rates and a need for sustainability make the energy transition vital. Hitachi's Energy as a Service model simplifies clean energy implementation and reduces operational risks. With deep expertise in energy and a dedication to sustainability, we are committed to helping customers reach their energy goals - now is the time.
Hicham Abdessamad headshot Hicham Abdessamad, Chairman & CEO, Hitachi America, Ltd.
World-class, state-of-the-art energy products, infrastructure and digital technology

What technology sits behind Hitachi’s Energy as a Service?

Customized, on-location energy infrastructure and end-to-end support, operations and maintenance - eliminating the requirement for upfront capital investment and reducing your financial and operational risk.

Top 5 Benefits of Energy as a Service

Our delivery model provides customers with energy security, cost stability and easy entry to renewable energy. We are your one-stop-shop for the design, build, operation, maintenance, finance and optimization of a sustainable energy infrastructure.

Lower costs

Reduce energy costs by eliminating upfront capital investment while optimizing energy usage, implementing energy efficient technologies and leveraging clean energy sources such as solar.

Mitigate risks

Flexible term service agreements with performance guarantees, for energy infrastructure maintenance, repairs and performance, ensuring reduced downtime and efficient energy outputs.

Specialized expertise

Hitachi has specialized expertise in energy management, helping our customers make informed decisions, improve energy performance and achieve their sustainability goals.

Scalable and Flexible

Commercial and industrial businesses often experience changing energy demands due to business growth, production fluctuations, or seasonality. Energy as a Service offers both scalability and flexibility to meet changing requirements over time.

Reduce complexity

Energy infrastructure management can be complex and time-consuming. Hitachi’s Energy as a Service model relieves you from having to design, finance, own, and manage energy systems - so you can focus on your core business.

World-class technology. Predictable costs. Peace of Mind.

A turnkey solution

Hitachi works with key partners to customize a comprehensive, turnkey energy solution for commercial and industrial customers.

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