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Large recreational venues, including stadiums and theme parks, may have millions of visitors each year. This means substantial energy demands for lighting, HVAC, concessions, entertainment, attractions, rides, facilities, climate control and amenities. Microgrids provide a solution to these reliability challenges, reducing costs while increasing the use of clean, renewable energy.

Resilient Energy for Stadiums & Theme Parks

Solar-powered grid edge solutions

Benefits for Entertainment Venues

  • Optimal integration of renewables and energy management with advanced grid automation
  • Optimal use of renewable (PV) assets even when sunlight is low
  • Reduced energy import and peak load cost
  • Availability of locally produced electricity to the surrounding neighborhoods
Efficiency Meets Entertainment

Unforgettable experiences. Sustainable Venues.

Energy as a Service has the power to revolutionize entertainment venues by optimizing energy consumption, integrating renewable sources, and enhancing sustainability, all while reducing costs. With Hitachi’s tailored energy infrastructure solutions and an Energy as a Service finance model, venues can focus on delivering unforgettable experiences while leaving the complexities of energy management to us.

Energy as a Service for entertainment venues

Unlocking Financial Potential

Energy as a Service brings substantial financial benefits to entertainment venues by eliminating upfront capital costs, reducing energy expenses through optimization strategies, and providing budget predictability through long-term agreements. This allows venues to allocate resources efficiently, improve financial stability, and invest in enhancing the overall guest experience.

Grid independence with clean energy

Renewable Energy Integration

Integrating renewable energy sources like solar panels can help entertainment venues reduce their dependence on traditional utility power and lower energy costs. Additionally, by transitioning to renewable energy, entertainment venues can reduce their carbon footprint and overall environmental impact.

Energy resilience for entertainment venues

Energy On-demand, Uninterrupted.

By generating their own electricity, venues become less reliant on the grid and are better prepared to withstand power outages or disruptions. Incorporating energy storage systems, such as batteries, allows venues to store excess energy generated by renewables and utilize it during periods of high demand or when the grid is unavailable, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Improving energy efficiency and reducing costs

Powering Experiences

Energy as a Service allows entertainment venues to improve energy efficiency, reduce operational costs, and enhance sustainability without upfront capital investments. It provides a structured approach to implementing energy-saving measures and ensures ongoing performance monitoring and accountability to achieve long-term energy and financial goals.

Minimizing environmental impact

Sustainable Venues

Stadiums, theme parks, and other venues can become more sustainable by implementing energy-efficient technologies, adopting renewable energy sources, and leveraging energy management strategies to optimize energy usage. By embracing these sustainable energy practices, venues can reduce their carbon footprint and minimize their environmental impact.

This project kicked off with a wild idea that it must be possible to use the roof of our arena for something useful. Now, I hope this solution inspires others with a large roof to collaborate with those developing our energy systems.
Einar Håndlykken, Managing Director, Ballklubb
Solar-powered Grid Edge Solution

Skagerak Arena, Norway

Skagerak Arena wanted to incorporate renewable energy into its operations as well as reduce energy usage and peak load costs. Hitachi designed and implemented a solar-powered grid edge solution with BESS and advanced energy management that powers the stadium’s floodlights and provides the neighborhood with locally produced electricity.

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