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In the true spirit of Powering Good, Hitachi's mission is to increase sustainability, improve food productivity, and the well-being of animals and consumers. 

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  • What We Offer
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What We Offer

Our "seed-to-table" solutions are designed to optimize the entire agricultural ecosystem. We create technical solutions that stand up to harsh operating conditions, increase productivity and output, while reducing cost and waste. We promote sustainability through increasing healthy crop yield, optimizing operations, supply chains and processing, while providing animal health and feed monitoring.

Improving Operations & Insights

We combine and consolidate data across farm operations (crops, animals, feed, soil, waste, vehicles, equipment and people) for farm managers to improve animal and/or crop health and safety, all while increasing efficiency and visibility to farm stakeholders and customers.

Lagoon Digital Monitoring

Advanced digital monitoring of lagoon levels to optimize crop fertilization and prevent spillage and contamination. This end-to-end solution includes field-proven sensors for data capture, cloud-based data processing and custom reporting.

Crop Yield Optimization

IoT monitoring of soil conditions to optimize crop yield while reducing environmental impact.

Let’s Get Started

How do you want to solve local and global challenges? Our team wants to hear your thinking—whether it’s the grain of an idea or an industry-changing one. Submit your information now.

Hitachi SIB can take you from possibility to reality. We’ll review specifics of your resources, products, and markets and see how the power of co-creation can build opportunity for everyone.

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