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Ensuring On-Time & Effective Healthcare

Personalized diagnostics and cell therapies will be the future of medicine, greatly improving effectiveness for patients, and ultimately saving lives. Hitachi’s ambition is to accelerate the roll-out of these regenerative medicine therapies through our end-to-end platform, connecting all stakeholders in the ecosystem.

  • Our Vision
Our Vision
Our Vision

Cooperation and communication in the cell medicine supply chain is critical, as sharing vital information (live cell status, patient, quality, timing, etc.) can make the difference in successful and efficient patient treatment. Hitachi’s IT capabilities provides solutions to underpin business - managing the collection, tracing and sharing of important information.

Cell Medicine Tracking

Hitachi GSIB is working on a Cell Medicine Tracking Platform (CMTP) supporting pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. By utilizing dynamic scheduling and ecosystem collaboration management, we ensure the on-time delivery of necessary medicines and cell tissues across North America. Our real-time platform utilizes logistical data and treatment tracing to provide end-to-end insights, leading to clear communication across providers, transports, hospitals and patients.

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