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Taking Fleets to Net Zero, Intelligently

Hitachi’s unique EMEA fleet solution starts with optimisation and leads to electrification. Our goal is to take the risk out of the decision-making process. By covering all considerations, we enable fleet owners to simplify and accelerate the transition to net zero.

  • The Intelligent Decarbonisation Suite
  • The Intelligent Decarbonisation Suite
  • The Intelligent Decarbonisation Suite
  • The Intelligent Decarbonisation Suite
The Intelligent Decarbonisation Suite

We cover the full, end-to-end suite of services for net zero delivery. Our suite of data-driven turnkey solutions can be selected and tailored to the specific needs of any fleet.

Fleet Optimisation

Moving straight to a carbon neutral fleet impacts cost. Optimisation increases availability and reduces idle time for fleet operators by recommending an efficient allocation of vehicles, achieving the most cost effective and well managed fleet before making the transition to net zero.

Maintenance Repair & Prediction

Vehicle telematics, depot usage, journey planning, vehicle rentals and parts procurement all produce mountains of data. Hitachi’s IoT platform analyses this data to predict maintenance requirements. It reduces unplanned downtime and increases repair shop efficiencies and fleet reliability.

Workforce Management

Our telematics and IoT platform deliver real-time planning and control of your workforce. Insight into driver behaviour enhances your safety management. Predicting and optimising driver availability ensures a seamless experience for your customers.


The transformation assessment gives insight into your fleet and depot suitability and readiness. We also innovate infrastructure funding to take assets off the balance sheet and avoid financial blockers to your decarbonisation. Hitachi has developed a total cost of ownership model which simplifies the transition to electric with all considerations and requirements taken into account

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Work with us to power your path to the net-zero fleet of the future.

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