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Hitachi Digital Fleet Solutions is enabling dramatically better visibility to complex fleet processes in the Americas. The result is lower downtime, with increased safety and efficiency.

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Our Solutions

We see the challenges of operating without timely access to vehicle status, drivers, and routes. Some firms are operating on spreadsheets, paper, phone calls, and others are wrestling to get the most from existing fleet management systems (FMS) and telematics service providers (TSPs) .

Our approach is to integrate the systems and data that fleet operators already have, to provide critical insights to optimize fleet operations, maintenance, and safety– all towards driving down costs, improving margins and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Optimized Fleet Management

Provides efficiency and improved business insights through a real-time dashboard that integrates all fleet systems.

Optimized Operations & Maintenance

Combines repair history and telematics data to enable predictive maintenance, which will minimize unplanned vehicle downtime and maximize utilization.

Optimized Driving

Monitors driver behavior on routes to recognize patterns and prescribe changes to minimize impact on vehicle maintenance.

Latest Blogs

23 November, 2020

What We’ve Learned in Our Testing

I love the concept, I do love the concept – no doubt about it. I’ll tell you, it’s probably the number one needed industry for software. I mean, trucking is so antiquated – I still call on fleets that have a chalkboard. Not even a whiteboard. I’m talking about a chalkboard to keep track of their maintenance. So there’s a huge opportunity for the right software. I like the concept, I like the concept a lot.

Fleet Maintenance Manager

Every sizable trucking company needs to have something like this.. all encompassing transportation management system - all in one platform ...for the fleet manager to see everything that's happening since 95% of their day is to put out fires or prevent fires from taking place. So being able to see everything at once would be paramount. Those details make or break the trucking company.

VP of Operations

Information is right there... I love the dashboard. This is the only system that has it all on one interface - It is the Dream Scenario!

Transportation Specialist
Who Are We

We are fleet and transportation experts, user-experience designers and data scientists committed to developing the next generation fleet management system — to power the fleets of today and meet the challenge of tomorrow.

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Join us on the journey to evolve fleet management.

If you are a fleet manager, fleet operator, or own a fleet P&L, then we’d love to show you what we’re developing.

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