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Our Solutions

Hitachi Global Social Innovation Business has a diverse and robust portfolio in our targeted areas of expertise that address and solve business problems as we generate societal and environmental value. We prioritize collaboration while infusing innovation and emerging technologies into our solutions.

Intelligent Fleet Decarbonisation (EMEA)

A unique EMEA fleet solution focused on optimisation and electrification. We enable fleet owners to simplify and accelerate the transition to net zero.

Hitachi Digital Fleet Solutions (Americas)

An Americas fleet solution that integrates the systems and data that fleet operators already have, to drive down costs, improve margins and enhance customer satisfaction.

Smart Farming (Americas)

A Smart Farming digital solution designed to optimize the entire food production ecosystem while reducing operational costs for farmers, mill operators, and protein processors – all while optimizing the supply chain.

Distributed Energy (EMEA)

Sustainable and integrated mobility and energy solutions that optimize the entire energy chain by balancing the grid, optimizing energy storage and producing strategic EV charging infrastructure.

Multi-Modal Logistics (Americas)

Optimize the planning, scheduling and safe execution of goods transportation. An end-to-end digital platform that connects materials, manufacturers, transport and delivery seamlessly.

TETRA: Regenerative Medicine (Americas)

A solution that combines dynamic scheduling, personal information protection, transportation regulation and governmental compliance to ensure efficient development and delivery of regenerative medicine.

EV Manufacturing (Americas)

Optimizing and streamlining electric vehicle production for OEM's through integrated solutions including digital process optimization, supply chain analytics, product and services roadmaps, battery and charging expertise, infrastructure and technology foundations, and safety analysis and assurance.

Outcome-Based Insurance

Enable transformation to an outcome-focused interaction between supplier and customer so that value exchange becomes as efficient as possible and builds on trust.

Supply Chain Optimization (EMEA)

A solution for creating transparency and collaboration across the Supply Chain in the manufacturing vertical, in order to increase efficiency and resilience.

Smart Automotive Manufacturing

Improving operational efficiency, reducing cost, and shrinking CO2 emissions for Automotive OEMs by implementing AI-driven dynamic scheduling and advanced digital technologies, while leveraging Hitachi’s deep industry knowledge.

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