Global Social Innovation Business

16 April, 2021

Incubating New Businesses For a Better Future

At Hitachi Global Social Innovation Business, incubation means providing the catalyst for new businesses that are addressing global challenges. By solving the world’s business problems, our team is solving some of the world’s biggest problems.

We’re taking a new approach to “business as usual.” We have a startup mindset, with even more ---- access to customers, advanced capabilities, R&D, capital, and global scale. We work closely with partners, customers and our ecosystem to lead a new wave of growth and to unlock additional societal, environmental and economic value. The next revolutionary idea, is happening right now at Hitachi Global Social Innovation Business. We’re “powering ideas for good,” for our customers and partners — and, for all of Hitachi.

Watch the video below to see how Hitachi GSIB is creating new business growth opportunities for a better future.

Let’s Get Started

How do you want to solve local and global challenges? Our team wants to hear your thinking—whether it’s the grain of an idea or an industry-changing one. Submit your information now.

Hitachi SIB can take you from possibility to reality. We’ll review specifics of your resources, products, and markets and see how the power of co-creation can build opportunity for everyone.

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