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Learn More About Hitachi GSIB

Hitachi Global Social Innovation Business (GSIB) creates an ecosystem of partners, new business models, and technologies to solve complex problems in many fields, improving our customers’ businesses and raising the quality of life for people around the world.

In the video below, CEO Hicham Abdessamad explains who Hitachi GSIB is, our focus areas and we work with partners and customers to create social, environmental and economic value. The best successes stem from working hand-in-hand with customers, often called a “customer-focused approach.” Under the global leadership team, Hitachi GSIB has delivered significant results across diverse industries for partners and customers, while maintaining shared values to enable societal change.

Through collaboration and innovation, Hitachi's Social Innovation Business addresses global challenges. Our mission is grounded and built within the philosophy of powering good and social innovation. Rather than relying solely on ourselves to drive innovation, we develop partnerships that support it. GSIB is bringing the best of Hitachi to our customers with the utilization of our expertise, resources, and passion to provide our customers with business solutions that benefit society, the environment, and the economy.