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Our Innovation Stories

Innovation is at the core of Hitachi Environment Business Division – North America (EBD-NA). Our team works with partners, customers and all of Hitachi to turn informed ideas into next-generation businesses and business models. Our stories reflect our approach to Social Innovation and how we create solutions that generate new social, environmental and economic value.

From CEO Hicham Abdessamad

CEO Hicham Abdessamad explains in our featured video how Hitachi EBD-NA creates an ecosystem of partners, new business models, and technologies to solve complex problems in many fields, improving our customers’ businesses and raising the quality of life for people around the world.

Our Approach to Innovation

At Hitachi Environment Business Division – North America, incubation means providing the catalyst for new businesses that are addressing global challenges. We’re taking a new approach to “business as usual.” It all starts with a customer-centric innovation process, with a focus on creating new business growth opportunities for a better future.

Innovation through incubation

Learn about Hitachi EBD-NA’s incubation process in our new video, showing how we bring sustainable, organic growth to our partners and customers.

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Who is EBD-NA?

Learn what makes Hitachi EBD-NA unique, who makes up our team and how we work with customers to create new business and societal value in our new video.

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Hitachi EBD-NA Brochure

Download and share Hitachi EBD-NA’s two-page brochure explaining our role as Hitachi’s catalyst for solving global challenges through collaboration and innovation.

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Our Solutions

Hitachi EBD-NA’s expertise helps customers embrace digital transformation and disruption. We bring our broad industry knowledge, incubation approach and ecosystem of strategic partners together to create holistic dgital solutions to address business problems across the value chain.

Electrification is making significant progress in commercial markets, particularly in the last mile of delivery. Learn more about the last-mile journey to electrification from our VP Dean Bushey.

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Social Innovation means addressing problems to make society happier, our environment cleaner, and our economies stronger. Learn more from our Chief Executive.

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Transitioning to electric vehicles provides an opportunity to build sustainable resilience into our communities for the future.

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It is imperative for companies to rethink their business and innovation strategies. Business incubation from within is a promising and proven strategy to remain relevant, improve efficiencies, and build competitive advantages.

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By Beverly Rider

Read our new article about the adoption of fully autonomous vehicles and how they can benefit society.

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Intelligent Fleet Decarbonization & Sustainability

Featuring CCO Ram Ramachander, our video describes the importance of decarbonization and how Hitachi EBD-NA is helping fleet owners transition to EVs with our Intelligent Fleet Decarbonization solution.

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Hitachi EBD-NA Press Releases

Read the latest press releases and articles about Hitachi Environment Business Division – North America.