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EBD-NA's Focus

Companies face the difficult challenge of adapt or be disrupted; Hitachi EBD-NA’s expertise will help you embrace the first option. We bring our broad industry knowledge as well as deep focus in four fields. 

Data Center Decarbonization

The greening of the data center is a global priority and might account for as much as 14% of the world’s GHG by 2040. Yet it can be a daunting task for everyone involved. Hitachi offers a comprehensive portfolio for finding and reducing data center-related emissions, and then auditing, monitoring, and planning impacts from sustainability-related programs and investments. Throughout your data center decarbonization journey, Hitachi can be your single point of contact for consulting, customized planning, and solution co-creation. 

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Electrifying transportation

Decarbonization within the transportation industry is vital to the health of our environment. However, the transition to electric vehicles can seem a daunting task for fleet owners and transit authorities. Hitachi EBD-NA eases the transition to EV with data-driven, turnkey solutions that are tailored to the customer's specific needs. Whether the solution involves TCO consulting, financing, charging infrastructure energy utilization and optimization or maintenance, our team helps simplify and clarify the decision-making process for electrification.

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Accelerating new solutions

Whether you want to change how your trucks move or how your community moves, this field is highly suited to advanced technologies. New commercial vehicles have both built-in IoT edge sensors and cloud connectivity, providing real-time data to optimize operations. On a broader scale, smart cities are exploring autonomous vehicles and electrification options to move towards cleaner, safer, more comfortable commuting. 

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A changing energy landscape

The opportunity for social innovation in energy is significant. At the industry level, utility companies want to modernize infrastructure. At the individual level, customers seek safe, reliable, and green energy. Hitachi EBD-NA creates a new future by leveraging the synergies of its product portfolio, as well as advanced digital technologies. We’ll help you improve operational efficiency, drive more value from data, and uncover new revenue streams. 

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Advancing the future of manufacturing

Hitachi EBD-NA offers expertise in dynamic customized manufacturing across the value chain to help identify solutions to issues confronting the industry. These may be anything from the optimization of global production chains to improved operational efficiency to enhanced production capability—all adaptable to fluctuating supply and demand. 

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Smart Farming

Sustainably nurturing the world

As food supply demands increase around the world, our digital solutions are designed to optimize the entire food production ecosystem. We build robust technical solutions that stand up to harsh operating conditions and reduce operational costs by eliminating avoidable fees and unnecessary waste. We promote sustainability through increasing healthy crop yield and optimizing supply chains, protein processing, mill operations, even providing animal health and feed monitoring. 

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Hitachi EBD-NA can take you from possibility to reality. We’ll review specifics of your resources, products, and markets and see how the power of co-creation can build opportunity for everyone.