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Working with Hitachi EBD-NA

Our customers come from wide-ranging industries, looking to overcome challenges in Mobility, Manufacturing, Energy or Smart Farming. Whether our customers are small companies or large corporations, our global teams and solutions minimize their disruptions, streamline operations and increase market competitiveness.

We bring the best of Hitachi to the table through our business leaders, innovators, industry experts, resources and technology to improve every level of your business. Hitachi Environment Business Division – North America collaborates with customers to create comprehensive solutions, not stopgaps, that ensure increased value today and in the future.  Together, we identify and solve business problems.

How We Deliver
How We Deliver

Hitachi EBD-NA works closely with customers to understand the gaps among field teams, management and the supply chain. We discover pain points through detailed analysis, prioritize needs according to severity, co-create and implement comprehensive solutions, and then refine those solutions to optimize effectiveness. 

Using industry and technology expertise, we drive new revenue streams, enhance customer experience and increase operational efficiencies that let customers meet their objectives. We empower business transformation from the discovery phase, to pilot testing, all the way through final delivery. In short, Hitachi’s integration across the ecosystem is seamless and creates one-stop solutions that address customer needs.

  • Key Customer Benefits
  • Key Customer Benefits
  • Key Customer Benefits
Key Customer Benefits

Technology and innovation are fine as far as they go—but where Hitachi EBD-NA stands out is our customer-centric approach. This means focusing on the problem and identifying the partners and customers, with whom we can co-create a solution, while raising customer value quickly, effectively, and with future growth opportunities. 


Empower customer agility while increasing process and product quality from planning to execution


Improve customer operational efficiency and management without disruption

Sustainable Growth

Enable customer to realize growth opportunities, now and in the future

  • Our Industries of Expertise
  • Our Industries of Expertise
  • Our Industries of Expertise
  • Our Industries of Expertise
Our Industries of Expertise

Our industry-leading knowledge of the mobility, energy, manufacturing and agriculture sectors make us a perfect fit for customers looking for innovative ways to adapt their businesses for the future. 


Hitachi EBD-NA applies deep industry expertise in diverse mobility segments such as rail, electrical vehicles (EV), fleet management, maritime and much more. Our customers reduce costs and increase efficiency by putting into practice our fleet optimization, predictive/prescriptive repair and EV implementation solutions.


Hitachi EBD-NA helps manufacturers navigate this dynamic marketplace by providing innovative approaches that draw on digital technologies to improve business results. We implement solutions encompassing predictive maintenance and repair, workplace safety and security, supply chain optimization, dynamic scheduling and overall equipment effectiveness to overcome recognized manufacturing pain points.


Our unique approach to energy management offers insight, measurement and action. This lets you invest in the best energy-saving solutions for your specific situation. Through our Smart Energy Platform, we implement efficient procedures including energy distribution and optimization that reduce usage across your enterprise portfolio.

Smart Farming

As food supply demands increase around the world, our digital solutions are designed to optimize the entire food production ecosystem. We build robust technical solutions that stand up to harsh operating conditions and reduce operational costs by eliminating avoidable fees and unnecessary waste. We promote sustainability through increasing healthy crop yield and optimizing supply chains, protein processing, mill operations, even providing animal health and feed monitoring.

Our Portfolio
Our Portfolio

Hitachi Environment Business Division – North America has a diverse and robust portfolio in our targeted areas of expertise that address and solve business problems as we generate societal and environmental value. We prioritize collaboration while infusing innovation and emerging technologies into our solutions.

The Advantage of Working with Us

The Hitachi Difference

110-Year History

With over 110 years of experience, we’re a unique technology company and an early pioneer of the internet of things. We’re a global leader in innovative industrial and information technology solutions.

110-Year History 110-Year History
Vertical Sector Experience

Our level of expertise across many sectors is unmatched, with Subject Matter Experts with decades of experience ready to work with customers to solve their problems.

Vertical Sector Experience Vertical Sector Experience

EBD-NA doesn’t incubate for technology, we incubate for business outcomes and creating new business models. Our approach co-creates innovative digital solutions that solve problems with comprehensive solutions that span across the entire value chain.

Comprehensive<br>Approach Comprehensive
R&D Investment

Customers gain access to Hitachi’s multi-billion-dollar, annual investment in research and development, and the intellectual property it creates, including our innovation in AI, Machine Learning, IoT and many other industry-leading technologies.

R&D Investment R&D Investment
Partner Ecosystem

Our extensive ecosystem of internal and external partners creates unified capability to develop any solution customers need.

Partner Ecosystem Partner Ecosystem
Commitment to Society & Sustainability

We lead the way in showing that technology can improve society. Our solutions create value that benefit the communities we and our partners live and work in across the world.

Commitment to Society & Sustainability Commitment to Society & Sustainability

Case Studies

Nothing can be more convincing than seeing the concepts and approaches described in this site—in action. From across industries and around the world, these case studies provide some fascinating specifics.

Clean Water from Cleaning Products

Re-using huge amounts of water from manufacturing was the goal of Madel (cleaning products) in Italy. We help them show the way as an industry leader.

Explore our Case Studies
Clean Water from Cleaning Products

Re-using huge amounts of water from manufacturing was the goal of Madel (cleaning products) in Italy. We help them show the way as an industry leader.

Accelerating EV Use

See how six large companies in England joined forces with our IoT expertise to boost the effectiveness of 3,000 electric vehicles.

Visit the Smart Energy Islands

Even the smallest communities can take on big challenges. A group of remote British islands implements bold energy changes.

Now Producing: Mass Customization

A Japanese machine tools manufacturer successfully executes high-mix, low-volume orders by optimizing their robots and factory.

A Winning Vote for e-Governance

The huge scale and tough deadlines encountered were matched by advanced IT and OT technology to make real-time governance in India a success.

Let’s Get Started

How do you want to solve local and global challenges? Our team wants to hear your thinking—whether it’s the grain of an idea or an industry-changing one. Submit your information now.

Hitachi EBD-NA can take you from possibility to reality. We’ll review specifics of your resources, products, and markets and see how the power of co-creation can build opportunity for everyone.