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Hitachi EBD-NA creates an ecosystem of partners, new business ideas, and technologies to solve complex problems in many fields, improving our customers’ businesses and raising the quality of life for people around the world.

  • Our Culture
  • Our Culture
  • Our Culture
Our Culture

We have grown significantly since our inception over 110 years ago, but our founding spirit at Hitachi remains the same. This spirit is built on three principles that guide the way we work.


We respect the opinions of others and discuss matters frankly, but also fairly and impartially.


We approach issues openly, honestly, and respectfully in the spirit of true teamwork.

Pioneering Spirit

We strive to lead in our areas of expertise, promoting the limitless potential of individuals while pursuing new challenges and higher goals.

We foster a diverse, rewarding culture that drives innovation and inspires others to do the same.

Sustainability and<br>Society 5.0
Sustainability and
Society 5.0

Welcome to a fascinating new concept: Society 5.0. A broad initiative put forward by the Japanese government, it’s a vision of a new society—and the efforts to bring it about. Society 5.0 is named after the first four groupings of humanity: 1. hunter-gatherer society; 2. agrarian society; 3. industrial society; 4. information society.

The goals of Society 5.0 are developing the economy and resolving social issues; it will do so using revolutionary technologies (such as AI, IoT, and robots) plus various types of societal data. These tools will help bring about a sustainable way of living where everyone moves towards safe and fulfilling lives. At Hitachi EBD-NA, we aspire to drive innovation together with all our stakeholders in ways that make positive contributions to business and society. 

Hitachi R&D
Hitachi R&D

Hitachi Research and Development Division (R&D) is engaged in research activities that leverage big data analytics, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and other technologies. These activities are designed to provide the foundation for new solutions that help organizations optimize operations, improve productivity and efficiency, and solve unique challenges. 

Our commitment to innovation is amply demonstrated by two figures: our R&D spending totals over $2 billion per year, and we currently own over 80,000 patents globally. Research is focused on the five large business sectors of IT, Energy, Industry, Mobility, and Smart Life. 

Join Us
Join Us

Amazing ideas. Engaging projects. Fascinating people. You in? We nurture curious individuals at all levels of expertise who embrace collaborative creation based on innovation and fresh thinking. Bring your talent to Hitachi Environment Business Division – North America and be part of a unique team co-creating and solving challenges affecting the world, today and tomorrow. 

Let’s Get Started

How do you want to solve local and global challenges? Our team wants to hear your thinking—whether it’s the grain of an idea or an industry-changing one. Submit your information now.

Hitachi EBD-NA can take you from possibility to reality. We’ll review specifics of your resources, products, and markets and see how the power of co-creation can build opportunity for everyone.