• Chips in Your Bike Pedals Could Deter Thieves

    Chips in Your Bike Pedals Could Deter Thieves

    Bike thefts are extremely common in most big cities around the world. Some people invest in expensive bike locks but even those can be cut or broken and the cycle stolen. Connected Cycle believes they have invented something that allows you to find your bike if it has been stolen. The bike startup’s product is a pedal that has GPS and GPRS chips built in. Powered by riding the bicycle, the pedal will send you a signal when the bike moves. So if you’re not on the bike and you get a signal, you will know there is a problem. 

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  • This New System Tracks Counterfeit Goods from Producer to Consumer

    This New System Tracks Counterfeit Goods from Producer to Consumer

    Counterfeit goods are a big problem just about everywhere in the world. In Europe alone, approximately 36 million counterfeit goods were seized in 2013. The market for these fake goods is estimated to be several hundred billion dollars. A company called ScanTrust has developed a way to authenticate goods all across the supply chain, from producers and carriers to customs officials and consumers. Using a special QR code that loses significant amounts of information when copied, the ScanTrust app uses an algorithm to quickly search for differences between the real item and a fake.

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    Read it on Phys October 7th 2015
  • Gold Nanoparticles May Help Clean Water

    Gold Nanoparticles May Help Clean Water

    A new water purification technology has been developed that can remove or destroy organic pollutants from water under ambient conditions. The scientists attached gold particles enriched with electrons, which act as antennas, concentrating light to accelerate the catalytic reaction. A single gram of the material has a surface area of about 100 square meters, and  large surface areas  play a critical role in achieving  good photocatalytic activity.

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    Read it on Phys September 24th 2015
  • Hitachi Social Innovation

    Solutions in water, transportation, energy and healthcare with IT.


    Hitachi's Achievements

    in Social Innovation

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    • All You Need is Jackie and a Phone to Keep Your House Secure

      All You Need is Jackie and a Phone to Keep Your House Secure

      How would you like a small, flying quadcopter with a camera to guard your house while you’re away? Named Jackie, this drone is ready to take on home security duties and you can control its movements from your phone, no matter where you are. You can also see what is happening on your property via Jackie’s onboard camera. Different than other home security devices with cameras, this is one you can control and there are few places around your house it can’t see.  

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      Read it on Gizmag September 16th 2015
    • You Can Now Access a Doctor Anywhere, Any Time

      You Can Now Access a Doctor Anywhere, Any Time

      A service aimed at helping people communicate directly with doctors any time of day or night has been launched. Called teleMED Assist, the service allows subscribers to contact board-certified doctors from a landline, mobile phone or wireless service to speak or teleconference with a medical professional. The doctor can then prescribe, refer or evaluate the patient, as needed. Aimed primarily at seniors, the service costs one dollar a day to subscribe. Members can use the service as often as they like and speak to the doctor for as long as they wish.

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      Read it on VentureBeat September 9th 2015
    • A Partnership Beyond Leasing

      A Partnership Beyond Leasing

      3 Step IT is a company that specializes in the life cycle management of IT equipment. In order to expand its business, 3 Step IT wanted to start leasing equipment throughout Asia. They searched for a knowledgeable, well-connected company to help them and found the perfect partner in Hitachi Capital. With an extensive regional presence in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and elsewhere, Hitachi Capital was able to provide 3 Step IT a ready-to-deliver financial solution just about anywhere in APAC.

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      By Hitachi September 3rd 2015
    • Science Fiction Meets Fact with this Cyborg-Style Implant

      Science Fiction Meets Fact with this Cyborg-Style Implant

      It may seem like something straight out of science fiction, but this “cyborg-style” spinal implant may help paralyzed people walk again. Scientists have discovered a thin prosthetic ribbon that lies along the spinal cord. Embedded with electrodes, it delivers both drugs and electrical impulses to the patient. Called e-Dura, the device will soon be tested on humans, and it is expected that the ribbon could last inside the body for as long as 10 years. The implant’s most interesting innovation is that it is flexible and stretchy enough to be placed directly onto the spinal cord. 

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      Read it on WT VOX August 26th 2015
    • This Energy Storage Container Helps Keep the Lights On

      This Energy Storage Container Helps Keep the Lights On

      The good news is that renewable energy sources like solar and wind power are now contributing to the electrical grids in many countries. The difficulty with these sources, however, is that they are dependent on the weather, and this can make the power grid unstable. In order to avoid negative consequences like power outages, it is very important to have a reliable energy storage system on hand to regulate the grid. Hitachi has developed a 1-MW container-type energy storage system and this integrated unit is optimized for frequency regulation.

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      By Hitachi August 20th 2015
    • New Computer Can Quickly Solve Combinatorial Optimization Problems

      New Computer Can Quickly Solve Combinatorial Optimization Problems*

      Finding combinations that offer total optimization is essential to solving large, complex social system issues, such as relieving urban traffic congestion, minimizing global logistics costs, and ensuring a stable energy supply with a next-generation power grid. A new computer prototype developed by Hitachi has capability comparable to a quantum computer and is able to quickly solve combinatorial optimization problems to find the best solution from a vast number of patterns (combinations) on the order of 1 trillion to the 500th power. Because the computer uses general-purpose semiconductors, it can also operate at room temperature without the cooling system quantum computers require.

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      By Hitachi August 12th 2015
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