• The big Project in UK’s Rail History is Underway

    The big Project in UK’s Rail History is Underway

    In the intensely competitive railway market, Hitachi has been awarded the contract to manufacture and maintain high-speed trains for the new Intercity Express Programme (IEP) in the UK, the birthplace of railways. Large-scale railway projects like the IEP are becoming increasingly important in many countries. One reason is because trains are easier on the environment than other forms of transport, and they are able to safely and efficiently move large numbers of people and goods from place to place. The IEP is the largest project in UK’s railway history. Hitachi’s Class 800/801 trains evolved from the concept of the “A-Train*.” The new trains are scalable and flexible enough to respond to fluctuating numbers of passengers, and they are able to run on mixed infrastructure, including non-electrified sections and older platforms and bridges. They also meet the stringent safety requirements of the EU and other standards.

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